Thursday, October 24, 2013

Park City, UT

We spent the first part of October in Park City.  It was awesome!  Easy fast drive from our house and everything! We arrived Sunday afternoon, the kids had their own wing of the condo and were extremely excited! I didn't take as many pictures as I thought I did, but we had a fantastic time and really enjoyed our time with Dad and Sue in Park City!

We visited Olympic Park which was an absolute blast.  It is home to the 2002 Winter Olympic Games, has the fastest bobsled track in the world and also the highest altitude Nordic Ski Jumps in the world.  It is a very impressive place.  LOTS of fun!

Seeing the worlds fastest bobsled track!

Now this my friends, was incredible.  These are ski jumps that allow the skiers to land in water for practice.  Since the week we were there was also media week and the entire 2014 US Olympic Ski Team was there practicing, we got to see some once in a lifetime events unfold in front of us!
The weather was amazing, the entertainment was one of a kid, and the company was the best!  Cannot go wrong!
Checking out the luge! 
Meanwhile, later on that evening, we had s'mores at the condo! 
There is no wrong way!  Some like them slowly roasted, others like them quickly charbroiled!  
Future US Bobsled Team, year 2020!
Park City has so much to do, and its all geared towards families!  Love it!  The resort had a fun slide and roller coaster and zip line which the kids all loved! We all loved it! The kids even drug Grandpa on the roller coaster twice!
This picture was taken up the street from our condo in Deer Valley!  Amazing views up there!
The next day, it started to snow.  What a change and what fun! 
We headed back over to Olympic Park to watch the skiers practice the Nordic Jump.   This was insane.  I mean, insane!  It is so high and they jump so far! It was mind boggling to see in person.  We felt extremely lucky to be able to see this up so close and personal. 
While we were there watching the team practice, we met Billy Demong.  Literally the best Nordic Skier in the world.  Seriously.  He talked to the kids, was super sweet.  Tanner said "Wow, you jumped so far!" Billy replied, "Heck yea I did, I flew a football field and a half!" Wow-that is super far! And crazy scary!  How do they do that? I have since then, printed this picture out and mailed it to the Olympic Park Training center in hope Billy will sign it and send it back! 
Watching it snow one morning! Such a tender moment. 
Downtown Park City
Riding the Trolley!
Grandma Sue, Tanner & Grandpa!

When we come back during ski season-you can walk to the ski lift from the condo.  Fantastic!
No vacation is ever complete without a bubble bath in a huge tub!  Happy Travels!
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