Tuesday, August 18, 2009

An Afternoon with Chris and Cam!

We got to hang out with Chris and Cam today! It was so much fun! We met at Baja Fresh for lunch and Cam, Carter, and I sat at one table while Chris and Tanner sat at another table. Evidently, that was the 3 and over boys table! That actually worked out just great because it gave Cam and I a chance to talk! With only Carter at our table, the only thing I had to make sure of was that he was eating and that he was not climbing out of his high chair-a trick that he seems to love to do these days! That, and climb out of his crib! Tanner was very well behaved for Uncle Chris! I love Baja Fresh, it's so yummy, and they have a great kids meal too!

After that, we came back to the house to play and visit! Auntie Cam and Carter practiced walking. Carter is getting better and better each day with walking and his motor skills. His record right now is 12 steps before falling down! I just love this age and seeing him try to walk because he looks like a little Frankenstein with his arms outreached and his legs straight while he walks. It cracks me up! The boys loved messing around with Uncle Chris! They definitely tag teamed him but he was able to hold his own against the "Fighting Compton Brother's"!
It was great to hang out with the both of you!

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