Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Idaho Wedding Reception!

My mom threw Chris and Cam a reception up here in Idaho! It was super fun and she did a wonderful job! I did a semi-decent job of photographing the evening, but I must say, I could have done a much better job. I was too busy drinking coolers and talking about taxes and triathlons! But, here are the pictures from the evening!

Cam the bride!

Grandma, Tanner, and Chris

Tanner and Uncle Chris with their matching Converse!

Cousins Caden and Carter! They played with each other all night! They are so cute together!
It was so fun to see them going all over the house together and to hear their little voices "talking" to each other! This is a fun age!

Some of the gang! Jill, Tyler, Chad, Brett, Holly, and Alicia with Carter and Caden playing in the middle!

Cameron, Brent, Grandma, Tom, and Maryann

Tyler, Chad, and Brett

More of the crew with Chris and Cam!

Chris and Cam

The Rosbaugh sisters! Such cute girls!

Chris, Ashley, and Cam!

Tanner, the little cupcake monster!

Carter and Cam, Cheese!

Ashley and Tyler

Maryann, Chris, Cam, and Tom

Grandma and Carter

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