Thursday, August 20, 2009

We went to Rafiki today with Mimi and had a great time! Carter even did some really big walking! We have a little video footage but we missed his huge trek across the play area of Rafiki.

Carter was climbing in and out of this chair, he was having the best time!

Tanner and Carter playing train!

Tanner and Cammie, the dorks in the way back! We missed Cammie so much and we are so happy she is back!

Tanner with his goggles on! A frequent occurrence when we are in the car!

When we were at Rafiki, Tanner met some little girls and they ended up serving him food and then cleaning for him! It was hilarious! He sat at that little table and "ate" his plastic food for longer than he does at home with real food!

Here is Carter doing a little walking!

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