Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas with Dad and Sue

Dad and Sue flew up last weekend to spend time with us and to celebrate Christmas! We had a super great time visiting with them and spending the weekend together! On Saturday night we had a big treat because they cooked us a delicious dinner of steak and lobster! Surf and turf is my absolute favorite and to be able to have it at home, was wonderful!

The table is all set and ready for us to eat!

Sue made a fabulous appetizer that consisted of oranges, basil, and mozzarella cheese with a great dressing! I have the recipe if anyone dares to try it! It was wonderful!

Steak and Lobster all ready for the grill! I am so glad I FINALLY learned how to cook lobster! I always wanted to try it, and even looked very hard at it whenever I was in the stores but didn't ever cook it because I was a little afraid of it! Not anymore! We're going to do it again very soon!

Tanner! He loved his dinner!

Carter, Mr. Ham Bone for the camera as usual! The minute he sees a camera he starts yelling "cheese"!


What do you get parents for Christmas? It's the same dilemma every year! They have everything and if they don't have it or decide they might need it, they go and buy it. Ugh! I know Dad and Sue really enjoy cooking together so we got them some cute aprons. Well, Sue's is cute and my dad's is silly!



Cammie and Carter opening presents!

Present time!

Tanner with his new car!

We had a fabulous weekend with Dad and Sue and are so thankful that they could fly up to spend time with us and to celebrate Christmas! We hope they come up again real soon! Thanks for everything Dad and Sue! You guys are great!
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