Monday, March 22, 2010

Freezer Meals Take 4

Over the weekend some friends and I put together freezer meals! I have become an addict of these over the past year! The first time I ever did anything like this was with this same group of girls at Dinner Thyme. I thought it was awesome! We had fun and the food was great. The price however, was a little steep for my budget! So, we tried it again a few months later where we each made a few dinners and swapped them. It turned out great again, but there was something missing. Then, a few months ago I did a freezer dinner party with some girls from MOPs. Tami hosted us and she had it all together! It was organized, easy, yummy, and cheap!! I was totally blown away and excited to finally have been shown just how to accomplish this! I couldn't wait to tell my girlfriends about it!

So, we organized our own freezer meal party! We picked out 9 recipes so that we could each put together 9 dinners for a total of 45 meals all made that night. I offered to host and do the bulk shopping and get it all organized. Now, I am not really an organized person. Maybe I am a little bit, but its more organized chaos! I just don't have that sense of urgency to have everything in order! This made me nervous that I wouldn't be able to pull it off, or that it would be really expensive! I did not even end up doing the shopping until late the night before. Then, I drug my mom with me and we loaded up! Shopping in bulk is super fun, and also very cost effective! I did the majority of my shopping at Winco, used coupons and deals at Albertson's for chicken and some other things, and got the meat from Gem Meat Packing Co!

I felt a huge relief after getting the shopping done, seeing how inexpensive it was, and knowing that we could really pull this off! I then broke down each meal by price and was even more amazed! We could each make 9 meals that served at least 6 people for $55. Total. $55! It was fun to see the contrast in price between some of the meals! We had 2 meals that were in the $3 range-yes, we will actually feed 6 people for $3 and it's got meat in it and tastes delicious! And then one meal that was our high dollar meal at $10-break out the fine china and candles! We paid almost $200 at Dinner Thyme for 8 meals! I was pumped and so was everyone else! We plan on making this an ever other month occasion!

I can't speak for everyone, but things for us are very tight right now. We have to watch every cent, and actually, it has been a very healthy thing for us to start to really delve into that and learn different ways to accomplish the same things we have been accustomed to. It's been fun and we have really been learning about money and different tricks other people have successfully used in the past that we would love to emulate!

This is (huge) me, Lisa, and the back of Alicia putting together the meals!

Lisa, Adrienne with her cute new haircut, Holly and Alicia!

Some of the bulk food!

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