Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Break 2010!

It's Spring Break and the kids have the week off to relax and unwind from all the pressures of preschool! Since we are not doing anything too exciting like hitting the beaches of Maui, we decided that Easter Egg coloring would be just as much fun! Maybe next year we can color eggs on the beach, but this year, we are here! So, Chelsea and Makayla came over and we colored eggs! It was so much fun and the kids colored 50 eggs in record time! Since it was raining and then snowing when we finished, we packed up and headed off to McDonald's for lunch and some playtime!
The week is still young......who knows what other crazy Spring Break adventures will happen!

Tanner and Carter! Carter really got into the whole egg coloring thing and even drank the blue dye he was using for this egg! Apparently it was really delicious as he kept going back for more drinks! It's non-toxic, at least that is what the box said, and he didn't/hasn't had any side effects so that is good! It's always fun to discover a new drink, and what better time to do that than during Spring Break!

Chelsea and Makayla!


Tanner not only dyed eggs, but he also dyed his hand as well! This stuff STAINS!!! I still have not been able to get it off completely so it is going to have to wear off over time I guess!

The prized eggs!

Tanner dying eggs!

Chelsea and Makayla creating beautiful eggs! The difference between girls and boys is huge! Tanner rushed through eggs faster than I could keep up, the girls were creative and took their time! Their eggs even had more than one color on them, used stickers, and did tie-dye! It was great!

Carter and his egg!



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