Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It has to be genetic!

So much of who we are stems from where we come from. We can talk all we want to about where we have been, where we grew up, how we were raised, and all the things we miss about the places we are "from". My little boy, Carter, was born here in Boise, Idaho only two and a half years ago. He has been to California a handful of times, Maui twice, and to a few other non flip flop wearing places, but for the most part-he has been here. And here specifically would actually be Meridian, ID. Not exactly the flip flop mecca of the world. Today when we woke up it was dumping freezing cold rain, so much that our backyard was flooded. Albeit today was not one of more colder days but the wind and rain in the morning made for some pretty chilly temperatures. These are the shoes my dear sweet little carter chose to wear today! Flip Flops! He wore them most of the day too. I was almost proud of him!
That settled it, case closed, when your mommy is a California Girl-you inherit the California gene!

Now, off to organize all the Christmas pictures and lump the December blog post all into one big old story, all while wearing my flip flops of course!

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