Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Hair Cut

Today started out like any other day, it ended like no day has ended before! We had a busy day ahead of us, there were a few bumps in the road here and there but it all worked out! I thought I should call the doctor while I was on my way to drop off Carters comforter at Norge Laundry to get the vomit cleaned off from his last sickness stint because Hadley's wheezing was making me nervous. They wanted me to bring her in to check her out, so I got my mom to pick Tanner up from Big Preschool-bump averted! Hopefully Carter did not pick up another nasty bug while we were at the doctors office. When we got home, I had planned on making a bunch of marinades and putting them in baggies along with a few different cuts of meat so voila, I have marinated meat in the freezer that I can just pull out any time I want to! I was in the kitchen doing this, Hadley was asleep and the brothers were playing "fort" in our closet. It was almost a slice of heaven for a few hours! All of a sudden I started to smell Tyler's cologne. It was getting stronger and stronger. I went into our bathroom to check it out. What I saw was quite impressive. They had string dental floss all over our closet, each of them had on a pair of Tyler's shoes and it smelled to high heaven of cologne. The icing on the cake was Tanner had cut Carters hair right down the middle with the electric clippers. They were so proud of the floss; telling me it was a trap for Daddy and they were absolutely elated about the success of the hair cut! All I could do was laugh! Gotta love those brothers! They did allow me a few hours to put together my frozen meat concoctions and I so appreciated that!
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