Monday, February 28, 2011

Kids Fair 2011

Hadley! I didn't take very many pictures of her this weekend. I snapped this one at snack on Saturday evening before we went out on a date. She is so cute and just lights up our lives! We had a babysitter for all 3 kids Saturday night so we could go to dinner and the movies and it was WONDERFUL! We randomly ended up at a Chinese restaurant we had never been to which turned out to be super delicious ( I can't remember the name but I do remember its location!) and the movie we saw even lived up to and surpassed the hype! Fabulous Date! I love my kids but I really love Tyler and I so appreciate nights out with him!

When I thought back about what we did over the weekend, for some reason, I completely forgot that we went to Kids Fair! Chris and Cammie joined us and we all headed over to the fairgrounds for the Kids Fair. I actually think this outing might have been Cool Uncle Chris's idea! The big draw to this event was Dora and Diego were going to be there-that was enough for my kids, they were sold on the idea of meeting them! We walked around for a while and saw a few things and then came upon Dora and Diego. We then looked at the massive line that circled the expo building filled with kids and their crazy parents waiting to meet Dora (who by the way was in a crop top, weird) and Diego. No way were we standing in line. Sorry kids. As luck would have it, after touching a few dirty animals in the petting zoo, we were on our way out to grab some lunch and Dora and Diego were being escorted away for a little break. Carter went ballistic! He went running after Dora yelling her name at the top of his little lungs. She didn't even turn around. He was a tad disappointed and very curious as to how it was even possible she didn't hear him yelling. But, he was still thrilled that he got to be close to the real Dora! We had a fun filled hour or so at the kids fair and then enjoyed a delicious lunch at El Gallo Giro with Chris and Cam!

Tanner and Carter giving the 4-H wolf high fives. Maybe its not a wolf? Maybe its a coyote? I'm actually not too sure what that thing is!

Carter with the crazy chicken man. He kept picking this chicken up and holding it right up to people. He was odd, Carter was a bit frightened by this mans antics. We were however, at the fairgrounds, and as it seems, the fairgrounds always bring out the crazies!

Carter with the goat. The goat was getting his hair brushed. I wonder if goats have issues with tangles? Speaking of hair, this picture gives a nice shot of the "test patch" on the back side of Carters head from when Tanner gave him his reverse Mohawk haircut. I'd say its all growing back rather nicely. No tangles. Soon Iwill be able to take them both in for a professional haircut
and we can say adios to the chia pet and the backwards Indian or Native American-depending on how PC you want to be!

Tanner (Chia Pet) and Carter (Backwards Native American) at the Fire Fighter booth practicing dialing 911.

Tanner on the swings getting ready to go for a ride. Carter opted out of this ride. I think that was a wise choice since I'm not too sure about his motion sickness and whether or not he's outgrown that yet. I didn't feel like experimenting with that on the swing ride!


Daddy, Hadley and Uncle Chris. Good times at the Kids Fair. Not too sure if we scared Chris and Cam with this outing or not.......updates to come!

Tanner and Carter by the cool race car!

The martial arts monkey. I made the mistake of filling out one of their forms to win something and so far they have called twice. I didn't win but they would love for me to sign the kids up for karate. No. I have said no twice now. I think the next time they call they might catch me on one of my days when I only speak Espanol! No habla Ingles! Lo Ciento! Why in the world did I give them our phone number? My brain is totally gone. Rad.

Tanner and the swings!
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