Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Sick Mattress

We have a mattress in our house that we kindly refer to as the "Sick Mattress". It lives up and away most of the year and we bring it out when one of the kids get sick. This mattress enables us to stay in our own room, in our own bed without adding people to our bed! Sometimes I feel like singing "there were 5 in a bed and the little one said....." but I stop myself. I'm sure I did not invent this sick mattress by any means but I do have to say that it is one of my favorite creations! I am pretty proud of it! It lays at the foot of our bed when we have a sick kid, they sleep on and we can keep an eye on them through the night. I usually try to keep a bunch of fresh sheets and towels nearby so that when they do throw up, things are easily cleaned up and we can continue through the night. Carter was the last person to use the sick mattress and he has since changed its name to "Throw Up Bed". Lovely. But, that was the reason he used it for almost a week a half, so why not! The throw up bed has made its way back up and away from the foot of our bed, waiting for its next victim!

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