Monday, February 14, 2011

Welcome to the Paaaarty!

I turned 33 on Friday! I wanted to go to dinner with Tyler at Sakura with him and no children! I just love Sakura! It's like Benihana, where they cook in front of you and put on a little show! So, I had asked Chris and Cam to watch the kids that night for us. When they showed up, they were all dressed up which is odd because my sister usually comes in PJs when they watch the kids! Surprise! They asked my mom to watch the kids and they were coming to dinner with us! Fun!

Tyler and me. He's making his very best pirate face, and so for the rest of the evening we laughed and made pirate jokes!

Chris and Cam!

Me, Tyler, Cam and Chris at Sakura.

Me trying to catch a shrimp in my mouth that was being tossed by our chef! I missed one and I caught one!

After dinner, the night was young and we were kid free so we headed over to Pinnacle

for drinks and desert! This is me with my yummy Blue Bikini drink!

I had such a great evening! Thanks guys and thanks mom for watching the kiddos so we could all go out! I love you!

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