Thursday, December 1, 2011

Albertsons Field Trip

When I first got the memo that our beloved preschool was going to be taking a field trip to Albertson's I thought I read that wrong.  Kids and grocery stores are not one of my favorite combinations.  But, I read correctly and we all met up at Albertson's this morning at 9:30.  Our fearless leader, Gail, was so kind and patient although I swear I heard her mumble to serenity prayer more than once! The trip was great, we learned a lot and had fun.  This was also a fantastic reminder of why we all need to wash our fruits and vegetables when we get them home.  Seriously.  That whole produce department was touched and sneezed on by every single one of these sweet little angels! Wash you produce people!

Orion and Tanner

 Carter.  Carter woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.  He is a creature of habit and requires 20 minutes of snuggle time with me and chocolate milk every morning.  Every Morning.  This snuggle time takes place in bed usually while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Wow Wow Wubzy.  Every Morning. It had been a while since we skipped this routine and I had obviously forgotten what happens when we don't do morning snuggle time. This morning, he did not get that special morning snuggle time and so he acted like a baboon during the field trip.  It tested every ounce of my patience. 

 Gail talking to the kids about eating healthy.

 All the kids in the produce section getting ready to smell touch and taste food!  Wash your produce please!
 Carter.  I got suckered into buying a bag of marshmallows for him to snack on during the tour.  Don't judge. 
 Loving the tour!

 Loving the marshmallows and I'm loving the fact he stopped throwing a fit!

 Tanner having a fruit sample.

 Carter, Carter, least Tanner was being really good and Hadley was riding along in her stroller like a champ!

 Have you ever heard of these? They're called Grapples and they are so cool, so cool in fact I bought some.  Gail, our fearless leader actually opened one of the packages for us to all smell (and then she put the grapples back in the package and closed it up and put it back on the shelf) WASH YOUR PRODUCE! Anyway, they are apples that taste like grapes!  They smelled outta this world and I cannot wait to try them!
 We headed over to the meat department where we met Dee and she explained fish, meat & poultry to us! She was great!

 What a fun field trip!

 After our field trip we walked over to Papa Murphy's to get Mini Murph's for each of the kids.  Have you ever tried this?  They are awesome ! Each kid gets a mini pizza to take home and make and bake!  We love them and they cost $3! Here is Tanner with his creation.

 Orion is spending the day with us today and so the brothers are having a BLAST! While we were making our pizza's I heard Orion say "Hey guys, we're the 3 best friends!"  It made me laugh!  Isn't that from the movie The Hangover? I suppose I've got the wolf pack over here today!

 We love you Papa Murphy's!

Voila!  Pizza to be baked and eaten!  We are having a great day!

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