Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

We kicked off the 3 day Christmas weekend with the brothers spending the night at Mimi's! Since she lives 2 blocks away from us, they felt the need to pack a HUGE suitcase.  I'm sure they used everything in it too! That left Tyler and I with just 1 kid and so we went out to dinner and did a little shopping.  It was a really fun evening!
This was the first time they slept over at Mimi's house and they had the time of their life!

 On Christmas Eve day we headed over to Chris and Cammie's house to celebrate with them and have a yummy lunch! I forgot my camera so I'll have to get the pictures from Cam! It is so much fun to celebrate with baby Chandler! 
 After that we headed to church for the kids Christmas Eve service.  It was a blast!
 The Compton Kids! My theme this year for their outfits was Christmas plaid!

 Hadley with her bag of ornaments to put on the Christmas tree at church! She was excited!
 The kids at church! Its hard to just sit facing forward and listen!

 Mimi and the kids at church!
 Tanner and Hadley coming back from putting their ornaments on the tree! Hadley needed a little direction!
 Carter heading off to put his ornament on the tree!

 Our friends Dan and Avery (left in purple) and Todd and Macy (right in red) putting ornaments on the tree!
 Christmas Eve at church! Where friends become family! Trying to get a picture with all the kiddos. Carter left-he wanted no part of this silliness!

 Starting at the top left, we have Ryan, Timmy, Talan, Declan, Ethan, Tanner, Scarlett, Macy, Avery, Hadley and Baylee! Now this is a party just waiting to happen!

 That evening when we got home we fixed dinner and got our cookies and milk ready for Santa! The apple if for the reindeer to share too!

 I was worried that the kids would come downstairs super early and start without us so I wrapped the stairs up! Luckily, no one got up but Hadley.  I told my mom I would call her when they woke up, but I just called her to come over at about 7:45.  We waited and waited for them to get up.  I actually had to go and wake the boys up at 8:30 that morning to open presents!. Once I did that, it was on!
 Ready, set, go!

 The kids and I got Daddy a guitar.  He already knew about since, Carter indirectly told him, but that's ok! He was excited about it!

 Mommy got ski's!
 Now I'm all set! Especially with the season pass to Tamarack that I won! Yippee!
 The brothers trying out their big boy scooters!

 Grandma and Grandpa came over later that morning for some fun!

 Hadley loved the hat that Grandma made for Tanner!

 Chris, Cammie & Baby Chandler were our next visitors! Happy 1st Christmas Baby Chandler!

 The Saunders Family!
 Aunt Kat came over too! She spent the day with us and even cooked us all dinner!

 Cam, Chris & Tyler video chatting with Dad and Sue.  It was about 25 degrees here in Meridian at the time of this Chat.  Dad said they had just gotten back from a walk wearing their shorts and t-shirts because it was a blissful 80 degree in Southern California.  Merry Christmas!

 Mimi and Hadley!
 Aunt Kat and Tyler

 Me with my new skis!

 Baby Chandler!
 Auntie Cammie has lots of helpers!
 Ellie and Hadley checking out Hadley's new car!
 The girlie's going for a cruise! I feel like I am looking 15 years into the future and it does scare me a little bit!
 Caden and Carter riding scooters in the garage!

I thought for sure I took pictures at dinner.  Where was my head? Everyone came over later that afternoon to feast on Aunt Kat's dinner, the kids played and we all had a fantastic time!
Merry Christmas!
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