Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Capital and Our Gingerbread Train

We went cruising around looking at Christmas lights and decided to check out the Capital.  It was so awesome!

 Carter, Tanner, Daddy & Hadley in the Capital

 The brothers looking at the poinsettia tree in the Capital.

 Making the gingerbread train!  It seems like the stores have these gingerbread things for every holiday.  I've gotten wise and learned that if I use my hot glue gun to glue the gingerbread house, train, etc. together before they decorate it, things go a whole lot smoother!  We never eat those things anyway-we usually just pick off the candy throughout the week and then throw the gingerbread thing away!
 Decorating away while Hadley naps.  I miss the days when everyone would be asleep in the afternoon!

 A little bit of quality control!

 Candy, Sugar, Frosting, Sugar, Presents, Fun!
 Just making sure you're doing it correctly!

 All hands on deck!

 The finished product!

Merry Christmas!
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