Saturday, June 16, 2012

Vacation Kick Off!

We kicked off our summer vacation with a trip to downtown Meridian for the Dairy Days Parade with our favorite neighbors, the Summers! We got pizza from Chicago Connection and ate and watched the most darling parade I have seen in a long time!

 Tyler and Tanner
 Tanner, Carter, & Kristen

 Tanner, Carter, Kristen, Hadley, & Kendall

 Getting milk and cheese and watching the parade!

 Hadley waving!

 The kids and Tyler all got cool t-shirts!

 Jock, Tyler, & Julie
 Hadley and Kristen
 Julie's Aunt and Uncle! They are practically the president and first lady of the Snake River Stampede!

 This lady grabbed Julie and the parade stopped so they could dance The Twist! So much fun!

 Since it is vacation, we couldn't just go home and go to we went swimming!

 Nothing like a little night swim to cap off the evening!
 The next day we had the Compton side of the family over to celebrate the kids birthdays.  We don't see these people near enough. The kids love to play together and we all really enjoy eating and hanging out! I am so happy to be a part of this great family.

 Blowing out the birthday candles!
 The Cryder and Compton Cousins!
 Aunt Molly with her nephews and nieces. It was such a treat to have Aunt Molly down from Seattle!

 Hadley and Carter
 Carter, Hadley, & Caden

 More of the crew!

 Aunt Molly, Tanner, & Aunt Jill
 Aunt Kat & Great Grandma

 Lots of fun was had!  We are so happy we were all able to get together!

Now we are off to Cascade and Tamarack for the rest of the week!
I love summer!
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