Monday, June 25, 2012

A Week Away

We spent the last week in Cascade and Tamarack and it was a blast.  Breathing in that fresh mountain air and spending the days relaxing and playing was just what we needed! These pictures are in no particular order and are a small snapshot of the past week!

 Hadley singing with Auntie Cammie!
 Tanner loving the boat ride!
 Hadley and Chandler playing toys
 Quiet time with Auntie
 Deck time! I would love to have this fireplace on my patio!
 Cam and Chris
 Carter all jammie'd up and ready to roast some marshmallows!

Cooking bacon and drinking coffee! Best way to start the day!
Carter and Tanner
Tyler and Me cooking bacon!
Tyler, me and Dad
Tanner! This is right before he jumped in.  He jumped all the way, and then got back in the boat so fast because the water was too cold for even him!  It must have been really cold!
Beautiful day for a boat ride!
Grandpa and Hadley
Dad and Tyler
Tyler and me!
Dad and Sue
Dad at Tamarack
The clan in McCall!
Sue and Dad in McCall
Grandpa and Tanner
Some brother love!
Putting their tippies in the water!
Hadley and Carter
Hadley and Mommy!
Baby Chandler LOVES to swim!
Hi Cammie!
Mommy and Hadley!
Fishing at Horse Thief!
Carter has it down!
Such a pretty morning.
Hadley on a nature hike
3 tired kiddos after a day of fishing!
Fishing at Warm lake
The weather was very chilly!
Carter caught a few fish!
Reel it in!
Hadley, Auntie and Chandler
Carter turned 4 while we were in Tamarack so he had a special dinner and cake with candles to celebrate him!
Make a wish
The brothers sitting up on their
"look out"
Chandler and Grandpa
The 4 cousins!
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