Thursday, August 16, 2012

2, 4, & 6 Doctor Visit

 The kids all had their 2 year, 4 year, and 6 year doctor visit, finally!  It took me a while to get that scheduled so we are two months late.  As much as I wanted to have a relaxing summer, we have been very busy with stuff! So I was able to get a "room rate" and take all 3 of then together which was nice.  Its not super fun to go 3 different times.  Everyone is doing great.  All healthy, growing well, and just all around wonderful kids!  I love them! Everyone had a blast getting their eyes checked because they got to wear pirate eye patches and getting their blood pressure checked was fun! height and weight is also an adventure too! They all wanted to stand on the scale together to see how much the Compton kids weighed.  That was tanners idea! The emphasis on this doctors appointment seemed to be car seats and vitamin D. It was interesting to hear all about the car seat laws, and what the AAP has to say about keeping kids in car seats.  We had been toying with the idea of moving carter to a high back booster seat, but that is out.  He only weighs 37 lbs and so he still needs to stay in his 5 point harness car seat.  I was happy to hear that-it saves us money on the new booster! He also said that kids needs lots of vitamin D, I cannot really remember why, but we are all going to start taking it! Carter was the only one that had to get shots this time around, poor little guy.  As I was holding him while he got his shots, he began to cry, and then Tanner began to cry too as he watched his brother in pain.  It was very sweet, and so then I started to cry too!  I never expected my little 6 year old to have so much compassion for his brother.  What a super kid! I don't think I have been able to leave the hospital for a while without tears of some sort!

Here are the Stats

Weight: 30 lbs
Height: 35 inches 

Weight: 37 lbs
Height: 43 inches
BMI: 6%

Weight: 50 lbs
Height: 49 inches
BMI: 30%

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