Monday, August 27, 2012

Birthdays and Kindergarten!

 We started celebrating Tyler's birthday on Saturday night with our dear friends and neighbors Jock and Julie.  It was also Julie's birthday which made it even more fun!  We went to Big Al's, it was fantastic.  if you have never been there, please go!  It is so much fun! Tyler and Julie both got buttons that said it was their birthday and so all the employees would say happy birthday to them!
 The TV screen in the restaurant and sports bar area is HUGE.  I'm not sure how big, but it is enormous!
 At the end of dinner they brought out both Julie and Tyler a birthday sundae which was large!  It was filled with cookies, cupcakes, ice cream, whipped cream and sprinkles and was delicious!
 Sunday we went over to Kris and Brent's to celebrate Tyler and Jills birthdays with a fun BBQ. It was great to visit and let the cousins play!
 Monday morning was the meet and greet with Tanner's Kindergarten teacher.  We met up with his neighbor and buddy Cole, they are in the same class! 
 Tanner at table in his seat.  This is where he started to get a little worried.  His teacher is adorable and so nice, I just know he is going to love Kindergarten!
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