Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tanner lost a tooth!

 Tanner lost his very first tooth!  It had been lose for about 2 months and hanging on by a little tiny thread for a week.  He finally got the courage to pull it out, and with a little bit of gagging and a few drops of blood-it couldn't have been more exciting!

This was the very first time the tooth fairy has visited our house and so there was a lot of questions.  When would she come? What does she look like?  What does she do?  Why does she take my tooth? What is she going to leave for me?  Etc, etc etc.  He was hoping for a $100 bill, so I had to let him know that the tooth fairy never left that much.  How did I know? I just did! So, the tooth fairy, who really wasn't very prepared since the tooth came out at 8:30 PM and we were already in our jammies, just left a $1 with glitter on it which just so happened to be much more exciting than A $100.
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