Monday, August 26, 2013

First Grade Eve

Today is First Grade Eve. We found out who Tanner's teacher would be as well as got to go inside his classroom, find his cubby, set up his little desk with his supplies and meet his teacher.  What excitement.  In total Prospect fashion, the entrance of the school was packed with hundreds of kids and parents who all (me included) arrived 15 minutes early to meet their teachers.  I LOVE it! I love to feel the energy of everyone, its a very exciting time! Tanner's teacher is Mrs. Monson.  We knew nothing about her and I was very anxious to learn what I could about her today.  I prayed about this during the summer off and on.  I wanted a good fit of a teacher for him and I feel like we got exactly that! As we walked in her classroom (yes we were second in line, would you expect anything less from me?) She greeted every student with a huge smile and a warm hug, and asked them their name.  So sweet.  Former students were coming in to give her hugs as well.  In my mind that is a sign of a great teacher! At this point I was in tears feeling so incredibly blessed by this teacher.
 Tanner at his desk! He is sitting near our neighbors Sienna Baird and Kaitlin Piccola so it was great to have friendly faces and neighbor friends at his desk/table! There are 24 kids in his classroom.
 Tanner and Mrs. Monson.  I am in love with this lady as of today.  She is sweet, kind, loving and has 38 years of teaching experience.  Ummmmm........did I just say 38 years?  Look at how young she looks! Yes, 38 years and still has a HUGE smile on her face! When we got home I was thinking "oh crap, she's awesome but might retire soon, why didn't I start Carter in Kindergarten this year so he could have her next year??? And what about Hadley???" But I need to slow down a bit! I'm very excited because I signed up to work in Tanners classroom on Tuesday or Thursday a few times a month too.  Mrs. Monson has a permanent classroom helper named Grandma Jean (seriously, her name is Grandma Jean) and she was there today.  She is a retired teacher and seemed so adorable and the kids actually call her Grandma Jean! What an amazing environment! I love that this school provides such a nurturing environment for these kids, its incredible and exactly what they need at this young age.
 By Mrs. Monson's Class.  In the hall right in front of his first grade classroom.
 Hilarious-Adorable-Love our PTA! Even after my Starbucks debacle last year I am very excited to be involved in Prospect PTA!

Information about the year ahead and Mrs. Monson! Love all this! Feel so lucky to live in place where my kids can attend such an amazing public school!

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