Friday, August 9, 2013

Strategy Planning

 I've been working hard at trying to remember to pray and involve God in my strategy planning, or its more like letting him plan my strategy for me!  So I pray.  And the amazing thing; I see and feel the results.  I had been praying for peace.  Peace in a broad general spectrum, I guess.  Peace that would encompass where we are as a family right now.  Peace financially, peace careers wise, peace for issues I feel with others, peace knowing its okay that people I want to be special to me, don't like me, peace that I can see the good in people, not the annoyance, peace with my parenting, just peace in my heart and acceptance for where I am and who I am.  Guess what.  I got peace.  I feel good about where we are. I feel good about everything and I feel like my heart has softened a bit too.  The thing I forgot to ask for was that I actually realized all this.  I realized it, I just didn't really realize how much peace I actually had until it was shaken. 
 So I'm kind of out of the loop on pop culture at the moment.  That's ok.  I'm good with that as I have my peace.  However, I still take things on and need strategy planning sessions, AKA my prayer time with the big guy.  So, the other day I heard that the lottery was ballpark $425 million.  I had a little strategy planning session, went over what I would do when I won all that money and felt 1% confident I would win.  Ha!  I spent $6 on 3 Powerball tickets. Yep, this was all in the strategy.  This is what we had been waiting for.  I told Tyler, he thought I was dumb and we moved on.  The thing was, as I continued to pray about it, I heard clear as a bell "Ashley you are not going to win the Powerball but the plans I have for you far exceed your greatest expectations."  I didn't just hear this once either, I heard it continuously.  What???  It was crazy.  While I truly believe this to be true, I also prayed for patience because I know my clock is a lot faster than Gods clock and I would need the patience.  However, just because I am totally and completely human, I checked the Powerball numbers.  I didn't win the big one but I did win $12 so I at least recouped what I spent plus a little more! Trust me, I did not fail to see the symbolism in this nor the humor. This came as no surprise as I had already been told I was not going to win the Powerball.  However, the next morning I had a conversation with Tyler that shook my peace.  I had accepted a lot of things and had peace in them.  I had peace in his career and where he was in all that.  I had my own prayers about his career which were different than the prayers he had.  Oops.  Thankfully its not like voting where we would just cancel each other out if we voted differently.  God hears our prayers.  And, after yesterday morning, I changed my prayers to match his. He is, after all, the one who goes to work.  I was just having a pity party for myself trying to manage the homestead. So my peace had been rocked yesterday. I do have to admit that I spent a really good portion of the day hurt, and upset, and confused, and irritated. Actually, it was all I could do to dry up my tears and put on a happy face when Tyler got home. I was annoyed. However, today is a new day.  I am at peace again.  I'm praying my peace continues because realistically, It's going to be tested again and tested very soon. I'm also continuing to pray for a good strategy.  A really really good strategy. 
Popsicles do make everything better.  Carter is the child that I see so much of myself in.  He has so many qualities good and unfortunate that align with mine. These span anywhere from the foods he loves to eat all the way down to his innate ability to have his feeling hurt so very quickly.  While I think the foods I chose to eat are awesome, I do not like the fact that I am so sensitive. 
 I do make a lot of mistakes.  I kid you not.  But I am who God made me. I am so thankful for my mom and dad and sister and friends. I am.
 The kids and I have enjoyed swimming so much this summer.  It has been an incredible blessing to be so close to the pool, it has helped me get through many an idiots hour! I LOVE looking up at the clock and seeing that it is already 5:00!!  Hooray!!
 My latest favorite-Garden Salsa! Fresh tomatoes, Jalapeños, Onions and Garlic.  Combine and enjoy!
 Tanner has been losing teeth like crazy this summer.  As it stands now, I need to cut the corn off the cobb for him to eat it! The Tooth Fairy is having a fantastic time finding all his letters and secret boxes that he leaves his teeth in!
Mickey Mouse pancakes make a great start to summer days! 

Our latest find!  JumpTime in Downtown Boise!  It ROCKS!!  No one is ever there, the staff is incredibly nice, they have an upstairs loft which allows parents to sit in comfy recliners, massage chairs, or sofas and see the entire trampoline area!  It is crazy amazing!  They also serve some of my favorite foods; nachos, popcorn, soda, cotton candy......ahhhh a little slice of heaven! 
Make it a great day; will ya??
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