Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Weekend and Yearly Check Ups!

Dad and Sue came up for a visit this past weekend and we had a blast as always!  Its so great to be able to see them and visit with them. I find myself thinking of ways to get them and my step sister Stacy and her family to move up here more and more often. We enjoyed some pool time and Chris and Cam's house and dinner out with no kids!  What a treat!
Us at Gramercy Park, a new favorite of mine! They have such a nice patio, fun waiters, and the best food around!
Uncle Chris showing the kids how to re-string a 12 string guitar! 
I hope they are listening because up until Saturday, I had no idea there was even such a thing as a 12 string guitar!  I love these 4 kids so much! Thanks Uncle Chris! The weekend flew by and before I knew it, Dad and Sue were back on a plane headed to SoCal! Can't wait to see them again soon!
Yesterday was the first of our two days of yearly check ups.  Its hard to think that the kids are 3, 5, and 7.  It really does seem like yesterday that each of them was born.  However sometimes the days are long and the years are short if that makes any sense? This summer has been fun and also trying.   I think I have heard "mommy" repeated close to 100,000 times, endured massive amounts of talking over one another, had my heart almost pop out of my chest for waaaaay too many injuries. I executed hundreds of loads of laundry and was amazed every time 2 or more were talking to me at the same time, but with different needs. I went through boxes of band aids (because they are only good for a minute or two, right?) and gum-oh the gum...only had to cut it out of the carpet in my car luckily. We cleared aisles at Winco and Albertsons and we never tipped over a single cart. I watched them fight, chase, and instigate each other, but more fun to remember and more important to remember are all the giggles I heard, the fears overcame, their conversations at breakfast, lunch and dinner, and the moments spent getting to do life with them. They are a tough crew at times and I often feel like Moses parting the Red Sea when I need to get from one part of my house to the next. And Lego's hurt when you step on them, but in the end they are sooo good and my life is sooo good because they are mine. God is good to me.
Carter and Tanner had check ups on Tuesday morning and all went well.  Carter had to get a shot but Tanner did not.  That wasn't cool.  But Carter was super brave and walked out with a new book, big bouncy ball, a pirate eye patch, as well as a sticker so that was helpful! Presents make shots worthwhile! Everyone is healthy and happy.  I'm sure they watch more TV than is allotted, don't floss as much as they should (I mean really? What kid flosses everyday? What adult for that matter?!) and could possibly stand to eat a larger variety of vegetables.  Currently the crowd favorite is carrots. But all in good time I'm sure. Dr. Baker got an earful of information from both brothers and I think he was brought up to date on all that has been going on with us! Probably more than he cared to know! Tanner is 51 3/4 inches tall and weighs in at 56 lbs. Carter is 45 3/4 inches tall and weighs 39 lbs. Hadley's appointment was this morning.  It started out a bit rocky as she fell out of the car as we were getting everyone loaded, long story short she has a good bruise on her cheek, ear, and down her rib cage.  Not exactly a smooth way to start the day but it just reinforced the fact that I love our pediatrician and the nurses and office staff.  Such amazing people.  Dr. Baker is truly the voice of reason and so thorough with the kids as well as me! I know he only has about two more years until he retires so I am going to try to get as much knowledge out of him until then! Even with the fall, Hadley still had to get her Hep A shot but she walked out of there with a new book, bouncy ball, and a sticker too! Kelli the nurse and Dr. Baker were blessed with a wealth of information from Hadley too, right down to how much she loves to eat eggs but only scrambled not hard boiled or over easy.  Whose kid is this?? Hadley is 41 inches tall and weighs 38 lbs.  She is solid! Love this little girl to pieces!  

 These little sheets the nurses fill out are priceless to me! I save them!
 Every year brings plans and changes.  Change is hard only when its not what I planned for.  I have a feeling that this next year will be full of changes and I welcome them with open arms, whatever they may be.
 We have gone to the pool bunches and bunches this summer.  Its easy, free fun which is so nice! We have some of the best neighbors I could have ever asked for and they usually come with us! Paige just happens to be our cousin too which makes it even that more special! Paige, Hadley, and Kristen have been the three little musketeers this summer!  Its adorable! Our pool doesn't close until October 15 so we plan on really using it until the bitter end!
 Three of these kids are my own and I just love and adore them like crazy.  The other two are family as well and have a special place in my heart!  Its been a joy being able to spend so much time with these guys, see them growing up, and also watching them enjoy my kids too.  They are all such great kids and I know they will grow up to be amazing big people! 

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