Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Over the weekend.......

We had a very eventful week and weekend!  Let me start with last Tuesday.  Tuesday was such a great day-I did not feel sick to my stomach from this pregnancy and was able to eat and enjoy myself!  Yay!  I think back to last Tuesday with a lot of fondness becuase that was the last time I did not feel miserable!  I had been coordinating with my new brother in law, Chris, for him to fly in early to surprise Cammie.  Cam thought he was getting in late Wednesday night when actually he was arriving around noon on Tuesday.  The plan was for me to pick him up and then he would be at the house when she got home.  Well, I got a wild hair and decided that if he could surprise her, I could also try to surprise him!  If there was a way where I could get her to take the afternoon off and have her come with me to the airport to get him, then they would both be happily surprised.  I had them both fooled up until Monday night when Chris sent me a text becuase Cam told him she was coming over to meet me at my house at noon on Tuesday.  I could not come up with a story that would even remotely cover that up so I just fessed up and told him he ruined his surprise!  At least Cam still thought he was getting in Wednesday night and let me drag her to the airport, she actually thought we were going to get massages.  I am sure that thought came and went quickly seeing as I had both the boys with me!  We got to the airport and they were both happy to see each other, and that's all that really matters!  No more suprises, I am not good at them!!!  We celebrated Chris's 27th birthday on Saturday which was a blast! It's always nice to get together on a cold day to be with friends and family and watch some football and celebrate a birthday!  Then on Sunday my mom cooked us all a Thanksgiving dinner which, from what I could tell, was fabulous, however I was pretty sick that day so I am hoping to enjoy the leftovers sometime this week! The turkey looked so beautiful, like it was out of a magazine and it was so moist and tender!  She did a fabulous job on everything! I didn't really feel all that great and so I did not take one picture of the weekend and I am kicking myself!  Chris flew home yesterday morning and the next time he will come up, it will be a permanent move!  We are all so excited! 
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