Thursday, November 5, 2009

She's Here!!

Yay!  She finally arrived!  My Pioneer Woman Cookbook!  I am so excited and I cannot wait to start cooking more of her wonderful recipes!  I only have this cookbook for a little while and then I am going to part with her for a bit.  I am sending her off to my friend Katie, who lives in Texas and will be going to one of her book signings!  Lucky gal!  Katie and I both relate to PW because we both grew up in Southern California, have been friends since we were 13, and now live lives that are completely different than what we imagined we would have growing up!  I laugh sometimes when I think that I married a man, whom I love more than anything in the universe, but he is in the meat packing business, and that my friends, is nothing I had even heard of when I was growing up!  I just envisioned myself living in Calabasas married to someone who went to some sort of office everyday.  Now that I have the life I have, Calabasas and offices sound rather boring!  Meridian, ID is a long way from Calabasas, CA and I have my Grandma and Papa to thank for that!
And Katie-never in a million years did I ever think I would see pictures of her holding a gun, hunting, and actually enjoying it!  I love it!  If I could, I would get myself a plane ticket to Texas to meet PW with her myself!  But, since I can't, I am sending my book and hoping Katie takes a lot of great pictures!  I am off to pick out dinner for tonight in the cookbook and try to convince more of my SoCal girlfriends to move on up here!
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