Thursday, November 5, 2009

Parent Teacher Conferences

Now this is funny! This morning, Tyler and I went to Tanner's preschool to meet with his teacher, Mrs. Dockweiler, for a parent teacher conference. I have to admit I was a bit nervous. Silly as it may be because it's just preschool, and the main reason for Tanner going to preschool is to give both he and I a break from each other! But, nonetheless, I was nervous! I met Tyler there and we walked into the classroom. we got to sit on itty bitty preschool chairs while Mrs. Dockweiler proceeded to tell us how great she thinks Tanner is doing! That was music to my ears! We received a little progress report that tells us all the things he is learning to do. He appearantly is really excelling in 2 categories;  "getting along well with others" and "participating in songs and fingerplays".  I don't really think you need to excel in much more than that to get by in the real world!  We all want to be around people who get along well with others and like to sing, right?  At least I do!  On the back, Mrs. Dockweiler wrote a nice little note; "Tanner is doing great in preschool. He's helpful and kind and curious. He likes to ask "why". He's high energy outside and calms down when we come back inside. He's a sweet guy and I am enjoying getting to know him." What more can Tyler and I ask for? We think his preschool is great and I really enjoy the 3 hours twice a week with just Carter! As we were leaving she handed us Tanner's school pictures! So funny!

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