Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hadley is 4 Months Old!

Our little baby girl is 4 months old. Its crazy how fast time seems to be going! She is such a sweet little girl! She is rolling over, laughing, and cooing and just loving life!
Hadley has taught me that I am the perfect mother for my kids. I am not perfect, not even close, but I am perfect for my children. I used to feel like I tried so hard, so very very hard, but still I would feel like I would do so many things wrong. I would look at other moms and feel so insecure and self conscious. I was not "the green" mom, I bought things that were! I am not the "super mom". None of that matters. None of that matters. None of that matters. I love my family, we have love and laughter in our house, Lots of it too and its all very very loud! That is what matters. Love matters more than being green, being super, being organic, etc. Hadley has taught me that it is okay to break the rules, to laugh more, to cry more, to love as much as I possibly can, and to enjoy every minute of this time because it does go by way to fast. I knew this with Tanner and Carter I just chose to push it away, and ignore it, while all at the same time, it ate away at me. I wanted to be able to be perfect. I didn't even realize God gave me the ability to be perfect for my children just the way I am. Hadley came along when I least expected another child and she put me in perspective. As much as I guide and teach my children, they have guided me and taught me more than they will ever know. I have sometimes felt that God gave them to me to teach me more about myself. Because of the 3 of them, I have more patience, more understanding, more compassion, and most importantly; more love.
At 4 months, Hadley weighs 14 pounds and when I looked back at Tanner and Carter at 4 months, I noticed Tanner weighed 14 lbs at 2 months and Carter was 14 lbs at 3 months! I thought that was pretty interesting.
I just want to be able to hold, cuddle, and love my kids for as long as possible! All 3 of them are the sunshine of my life and I love them so much!
Go Team Compton!
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