Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Very Fun Day!

Thursday we got the privilege of spending the day with Chelsea and Makayla! We had such a fun time. These two girls are so polite and well behaved, they were just a joy to have around! We went to preschool, Target, McDonald's, colored, stamped, played outside, baked cookies and made pumpkin pie! The kids had so much fun with each other and I really enjoyed having all the cute little voices around! The Sterling's are such great friends to our family and we feel so blessed to have them as a huge part of our lives!

Carter, Tanner, Chelsea, Makayla and Hadley

Carter after playing with stamps!

Makayla's hands after stamping!

Carter and Chelsea coloring! Yes, I let the kids sit on top of the table, no it doesn't bother me, as long as everyone is having a good time all is well!

Tanner and Chelsea.

Tanner looks kind of dorky in this picture, maybe even a little "gangsta"!

Chelsea stamping!


Tanner pushing Chelsea on the swing! Its so nice the kids are at an age when they can push each other on the swings! It was a little odd to not be needed in that department, that almost made me sad, but then I felt really proud of them for taking care of business by themselves!

Chelsea, Makayla and Tanner in the back of my car! They talked and sang the entire time we were cruising around, it was so cute!

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