Thursday, December 9, 2010

Happy 6 Months!

Hadley is 6 months old today!

The last 6 months have been full of changes in our little girl! She has gone from a little tiny infant who does nothing but eat and sleep to a big little girl who loves to laugh, squeal, chatter, play with her brothers, roll over, feel her toys and blankets, play in her exersaucer and of course eat and sleep. She has always been such a great eater and sleeper! I was so blessed with that! Not that I couldn't have handled another non-sleeper, but this is so much nicer and WAY EASIER!!! Thanks for the gift of sleep sissy!

Hadley! Happy 6 Months! You chew on your tongue a lot. You might be teething or you might just like to chew on your tongue.......or you might be hungry! We are going to give you rice cereal for the first time this weekend! We borrowed cousin Caden's high chair for this monumental occasion! I know you will love eating cereal as this past week you have sat in the high chair with us at dinner each night and gazed longingly as we eat took bites of our dinners! You are ready for it sis and we are excited for this next phase of your life! Diapers look out!

At 6 months your eyes are still blue but we have a feeling they will turn green someday! You have very little hair so you wear headbands and hats which you love (and so do I!)! You are a beautiful little baby girl who I know will grow up to be a beautiful woman someday! You go in for more shots on December 16th which is when we will find out just how much you weigh and how tall you are! The doctor will also make sure you are hitting all your developmental milestones and ease Mommy's mind!

You have such a fun personality! You are the star of our family right now! We all just love you so much! Mommy has not left you for more than about 2 hours in your whole life! Its crazy to think we are together all the time. I wouldn't change that for the world sissy! You are a terrific & happy little girl to be around!

One of your main talents right now is sleeping. You are a rock star at sleeping! Whether it be at night or the naps you take during the day, all I have to do is lay you in your crib and you snuggle right down, coo for a little bit and then fall asleep! You are adorable and I could watch you sleep for hours! Lucky for me, you usually take a 2 hour nap in the morning and 3-4 hour nap in the afternoon! I've got lots of viewing opportunities!

Did I mention that you snore? You snore a little bit and it is so cute! You also love to sleep on your belly. You always have, since day 1! When we were still in the hospital the nurses noticed you liked your tummy one night while we were co-sleeping and they came to check on us! We had a small chat about it too. Lucky for us, we had some amazing nurses! Tummy sleeping and co-sleeping and all the other different ways to sleep are quite the hot topic right now! I was so afraid and I dared not breathe a word of that to anyone for fear of hearing all the horrible stories that come along with tummy sleeping these days! Not really something I wanted to hear while I was still in my post partum baby blues (aka crazy) phase! I just had faith in God that he would protect you, I will never stop having faith that he will protect you your entire life.

Your brothers think you are something special! They love to hold you, kiss you, hug you, get you toys, and talk to you! They smother you and you love every minute of it! They are also very protective of you and only want the best for you. Try to remember this when you go out on a date! Mommy and Daddy have been so lucky to have 3 little kids who all love to be around each other! As you get older you will find the bond that you have as siblings will grow even stronger. Mommy and Auntie Cammie have a very strong bond that the 3 of you will also have with each other later on in life. I pray for that special bond and friendship everyday. Family is sacred to me.

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