Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I used to be

I used to be many things...

Thin. Young. Snobby(ish). Selfish (more so than now, amazing huh? Like, how much more selfish could I have been?). Clueless about what being a grown up was. Able to go braless. Didn't ever worry about money or jobs. But what I remember the most is that once upon a time I was cool.

Like put on my ultra low snakeskin print pants and tease my hair cool. Like paint my lips scarlet and outline my eyes in a smoky kohl cool. Like I had my belly button, and ears double pierced. Like I would not even leave the house until 10:30 pm cool. Like down countless vodka and cranberries and dance on the bar cool.

And though I know all of you still think I am the definition of cool (just nod and smile) it hit me like a smack across the face that I am no longer that person. Not even close.

Sure, I may like my beats played fast and my bass down low, but it doesn't matter.
Even though I'm feeling so fly like a G6 (like a G6 like a G6), no one sees me that way.
And I've got my "sporty" GMC Denali to prove it, filled to the brim with car seats and boosters.
I came to this realization the other night as I was bopping along to The ABC's in my cool SUV on my home from one of our umpteenth meals of the season, exhausted and so ready for bed since it was past 9 pm, well almost 9 pm......that's like midnight in New York you know!

Wham! It hit me...I was officially not a party girl anymore, I'm a mom who likes to go to bed early with her body pillow that really needs to be tossed since it will no longer support a pregnancy in this body.

Sure, one might think I may have gracefully given up party girl status after the second or third kid. And if we're talking honestly here, once Tyler and I got married we both became homebodies...more likely we were at a movie (matinee) or just, um, relaxing at home. So I guess I haven't been cool for a long time.

Or maybe I'm just a different kind of cool...

Like a funny mom cool. Like a die for my children cool. Like an addicted to blogging personal details about my life to strangers cool. Like a try to be a great wife cool.

And even though I may not be as cool, or skinny, or young as I was once...I've still got it...just ask the trucker who winked at me while I was in the drive-thru at MacDonald's the other day...

So as 2011 approaches us I am ready to start it off with a bang! I am planning on trying my hardest to stay up until midnight with our friends during a rousing game of Wheel of Fortune or some other really cool game! But more importantly, I am ready to be a cool mom, a great wife, and a fantastic friend in 2011.
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