Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Snow!

We woke up yesterday morning to snow, snow, and more snow! I think when it started snowing the night before last, it didn't stop until late yesterday afternoon! It was crazy! Tanner is a snow fanatic! He just loves to be out in it and can stay out for hours which is a delight for me! Carter on the other had, gets cold quicker and can't seem to keep his gloves on so his hands start "singing" which I think translates to "stinging" in our language! It might be due to the fact that after I spend what seems like an eternity getting the 2 of them all bundled up in their bibs, coats, hats, gloves and boots that he has completely undressed himself! The only item of clothing Tanner seems to take off is his hat. While all this is going on, the two of them are asking over and over a hundred times "Is it Christmas??" "Is it Christmas??" "Is it Christmas??" "Is it Christmas??" When I answer "No, not today." They respond by saying "It has to be Christmas because there is snow!" (over and over and over) and they are jumping up and down and yelling and inevitably someone starts singing Silent Night. It makes it really really difficult to get all their snow clothes on! It exhausts me just getting them ready to go outside! Is it almost summer???
Hadley is just too little for me to let her just be out in the snow! I took her out for a brief minute so she could touch the snow and see what it was all about! She shivered and wasn't too sure about the cold feel it had! It was so cute!

A classic photo of Carter with what is left of the items of clothing I put on him-just his boots and hat. This kid! He tests me to the end of the earth and back sometimes! He was able to be outside for 15 minutes due to the fact that contrary to popular belief, boots, thin jammies and a hat do not keep you dry and warm in the snow. Sorry folks!

Carter trying to ride his tricycle in the snow!

Tanner and Carter

Tanner with a HUGE snowball!

Tanner learning how to throw snowballs!

In the process of making a snow angel! He's doing it the Compton way!

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