Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More Cow Bell

We kicked off the start of the weekend by going swimming Friday night at the YMCA with Mimi. It was a blast! I think we need a Y membership, in fact, that is on my to-do list in the next week or so! Tanner went down the big water slide, Hadley went down the little water slide and Carter was content to play around in the pool.  It was fun and felt so nice to be in a pool again!

The kids were extra tired when we got home so they went right to bed! This was great, we had a big party to go to the next day and Chris and Cammie and Baby Chandler were coming over for dinner too!

The kids LOVE Chandler.  He is like a Rock Star when he comes over!
Hadley just wants to pick him up and eat him she thinks he's so great!
Tanner holding Chandler
Carter holding Chandler
Chandler fell asleep! So sweet!

Meanwhile, the boys had a little band going on in the office! Daddy is learning how to play guitar and the boys are totally into it too! It is fun to see them want to learn about music.  Uncle Chris can play every instrument known to man too so he is the perfect teacher! I've been scouring craigslist for a piano, I might just settle on a keyboard, but I think a piano would look oh so good in this house!
 Later on Saturday night, after Chris, Cam & Chandler were home, we heard Hadley crying.  This is not too unusual so Tyler went up to check on her.  This is the part of the weekend that everything goes downhill.  She had barfed.  And guess what, she continued to barf every hour all night long.  The next nights and days are just a blur, it seemed like we were dropping like flies, Tyler, me, Tanner and then finally Carter. Every single one of us and this lasted until last night. This is a picture of all the laundry I piled up over the 4 days of sickness.  Believe it or not, there is a sink and 2 cabinets under all that!

This bug was awful! I'm so happy we are all past the worst of it now and on the road to recovery. I actually felt better yesterday and it was so nice to feel good.  I think I got a little ahead of myself though because I went to the store, had a wonderful meeting with our pastor, and came home and thought it would be a great idea to drink 3 Diet Cherry Pepsi's.  This lead me to not be able to sleep (again) for the 3rd night in a row.  I laid awake in bed on the Pinterest app on my phone pinning every cool thing I came across! I tried to fall asleep, I really did, but meanwhile, there was a nice rainstorm outside with some wind and it was making the cute little wind chime I thought was so darling by the waterfall ding.  It was driving me insane. It sounded like a cow bell. That thing is gone.

We learned some new words over the 4 days of sickness, got in a lot of rest, I got caught up on most of the Dr. Oz's I have recorded and have tentatively decided to try going gluten free as Dr. Oz suggests that some people can't process gluten and so they get migraines.  I figure we have nothing to lose, so I'll give it a whirl and see if it helps Tyler out at all! I can't believe it is already Wednesday-another weekend is right around the corner!
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