Tuesday, May 26, 2009


The boys love the pool! Tanner especially loves the water, he has no fear at all! I am going to be teaching him to swim this summer. He really needs to just know how to be safe in the water at this point! He went too deep last week and sank straight to the bottom. I hurried and yanked him up to the top! He was upset but more so at me for saving him because he was yelling "I can swim" "I can swim all by myself" as we were getting to the edge of the pool. So from now on, its life jackets and arm floaties for Tanner! Carter has a cool little raft that he can float around in as well. I am going to keep a life jacket on him while he is in the raft too just to be on the safer side even though I never let that raft out of my arms!

Tanner learning to blow bubbles!

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