Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dad's Visit

Dad came up to visit this weekend. We had a blast! Friday afternoon we spent at the pool and then bbq'd Halibut and veggies for dinner and spent hours on the patio visiting after the boys went to bed. That was so nice and relaxing for me! On Saturday, we went to lunch at Cottonwood so we could show Dad where Cam's shower was, swam some more at the pool and when we got home, Tanner had not had enough water play so we had to get the Slip-n-Slide out for him! Tyler and Cammie even participated in that! I am so lucky to have caught Tyler's slide on video! It is quite the site! We bbq'd filet's in the evening and relaxed again on the patio. What a great weekend we had! Dad will be back over the 4th of July for the boys birthday party!
Grandpa with Carter and Tanner

Dad with Ash and Cam

Carter and Grandpa!

Tanner showing his Slip-n-Sliding form!

Daddy Slip-n-Sliding!

Tanner and Cammie Slip-n-Sliding!

Tanner pulling Cammie on the Slip-n-Slide!

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