Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Scene of The Crime

My Nightstand.
I am supposed to be cleaning out the house and packing stuff up today. I'm not. I'm updating the blog instead. Partly because I'm not sure how long we will be without Internet during the move, and partly because of my nightstand. Yesterday, I was a touch overwhelmed. I needed to start going through the house and getting rid of all the unimportant things that I have not gotten rid of in the last 4 years. I was purging. I'm not really the best organized person out there and I really don't even know how to be which makes it difficult! One of my friends last night told me its how our brains are wired! We are either organized or not, its a right brain left brain thing. I am NOT the side of the brain that is organized! I tend to rather fly by the seat of my pants and just have faith that everything will fall into place! It always seems to too, which is a tremendous blessing! But back to the nightstand. I was trying to purge and adapt a new lifestyle that would hopefully help me be more organized in this next chapter of my life. This was before I knew about the brain thing and that me being organized might just be a hopeless cause! I had made my way through the house to our bedroom. Now, for those of you that don't know this, since we moved into this house 4 years ago my top nightstand drawer has never closed. The design flaw of these nightstands is that the drawers don't come out and the nightstand itself is just a solid box so if you are messy and happen to drop an unknown object back behind the top drawer, it will no longer shut all the way. Well, I was on a mission to get that drawer to shut! I was also super curious to see what had been hanging out back there for the past 4 years too! Tyler was going to be so happy with me when he came home to see that my drawer was shut all the way! It was going to be monumental! I shoved my hand and arm back in there and retrieved about 15 pictures from when Tanner was just a week old and then I got my hand on the culprit.......a plastic bowl. I didn't know what color it was, if it had any characters on it, or best of all, if it had food in it! As I tried to remove my hand and arm and bowl I realized I was stuck. Oh shoot! I had been so pleased with myself about 15 minutes prior to this incident. I put both the boys upstairs with a bowl of popcorn and a movie on for some quiet time and Hadley was napping in her crib. That NEVER happens all at the same time! I usually have at least one child up and needing something. So, I am stuck in the nightstand and the phone is not in the cradle on the nightstand where it usually is and I can hear my cell phone receiving a text message from in the laundry room. Oh shoot! I tried to yell up to the boys and I got no response. I tried again-Carter yelled back down "I is good!", not what I was hoping for. I yelled again, this time with no response. So, back to my hand. It kind of hurt, I tired and tried to get it out. I was watching the clock and I had now been stuck for 20 minutes when I finally freed my hand and arm by wrenching it out. The bowl was orange and it had a lion on it and 3 Cheerios in it. I threw it away and guess what, my top drawer shuts all the way for the first time ! My wrist hurt, but the pain seemed to go away later in the evening and I forgot about the incident. I forgot about it until this morning when I woke up. It really hurts today!!! Which is why I am not packing and cleaning like I should be, I am updating the blog and waiting for the Tylenol to kick in! I am keeping my cell phone on my body at all times just in case I get stuck somewhere again.........listen for your phone........it might be me calling you to help me get unstuck!
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