Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July Weekend!

Happy 4th of July! Our street throws a mean 4th of July bash and it was great fun! We got to meet more of our great neighbors, celebrated with friends and family and had a wonderful night! Tyler had gone to Fat City the week prior to load up on fireworks that are "not for residential use", I think that might be code for illegal too. That just makes it more fun in my opinion! Dave, one of our neighbors had built a launching station for these fireworks too! Cammie said it best when she said that this is like Christmas for these guys and that Chris might no have slept the night before out of shear excitement! How true!
Tyler, ready to start the bbq an light off some fireworks!
Becky rented the kids bounce houses!
Mimi and Hadley!
Chad sporting his 4th of July headband!
Chloe and Inara
Brennan and Carter
Tanner, Carter & Kristin.
Tyler and me!
Carter & Auntie Cammie
Tyler, Pete and Dave bbqing!
The big boys a the launching station just waiting for it to get dark!
Carter, Orion & Tanner watching the show!
The kids doing sparklers!
Party in the street! It was so much fun! We can't wait for many more street parties with these people!
Tanner with his sparkler
Corey, Adrienne & Orion
Kristin and Carter
Sparkler fun!
Carter with his sparkler
Kristin and Carter doing sparklers!
Mimi and Carter during the firework show!
Jock teaching Carter how to throw a smoke bomb!
Happy 4th!
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