Thursday, July 7, 2011

Swimming Lessons!

The brothers are taking swimming lessons this summer. We stumbled across this great swim teacher, Miss Nicole, through one of my neighbors and she is wonderful! The boys are almost half way through lessons right now and have made such huge progress I am so impressed!
Tanner was very excited from the beginning to start swimming lessons with Miss Nicole. Carter was not very excited to do swim lessons, and even less excited when he started. He cried through the entire first lesson. The second lesson he cried through the first half and laughed through the second half. Today, he made a huge break though and didn't cry at all! In fact, he even swam by himself today!
Today, both boys swam across the short side of the pool all by themselves! Wow!
Carter crying on the first day while Miss Nicole swam around the pool with him.
Carter's little swim class. Miss Nicole bribes them with a pirates treasure chest full of toys!
Tanner learning how to do "big arms"!
Tanner giving me the thumbs up after he took his turn!
Carter, still crying........
Tanner starting to swim!

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