Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Goofing Around

Sometimes big boys get so tired towards the end of the day.
They get so tired they fall sound asleep on the floor!
I'm not even really sure how this happened!
For part of Tanner's special day on July 1, he got to have lots of treat! One of them was driving daddy's pick up truck! Happy birthday to our big 5 year old!
Tanner and Carter pretending to be scarecrows out in the garden. They started standing there about an hour before Daddy was supposed to be home waiting for him. I finally had to go out and tell them to keep playing and I would let them know when Daddy was closer to being home so they could surprise him!
Tanner got a birthday balloon which he promptly let float up to the ceiling. Our ceiling in this particular area of over 20 feet tall and we do not have a ladder to reach the top. So, the balloon is living up there and still holding strong 5 days later! It says Make a Wish on it and I really wish it would float back down!
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