Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Meeting Their New Cousin!

This morning, I took the kids over to meet Chandler.  Hadley was the only one that made it to see him on his birthday.  The brothers had been so anxious to get over to see him! They were so good with him and gave him lots and lots of love!

Look at Carters eyes!  He was so excited!!

Hadley loves Chandler too!

Sweet little tippy's!

 Tired little man!

He opened his eyes to get a good look at his cousins!

 On the way home, Tanner informed me that he "was the best big brother cousin ever!"

 Me, Chandler & Cam.  It's funny how Cammie looks better than me and she was up half the night with a newborn and had a c-section just 5 days ago.  What the heck is my deal?

Carter & Chandler

Tanner & Chandler

Chandler and Mommy

Silly boy!

Giving Chandler loves!

...and kisses, lots and lots of kisses!

Welcome to the family big guy!
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