Thursday, November 3, 2011

Things I've Learned in 2011

As I get ready to end 2011, I decided to think of a few of the things I have learned over the past year.  Granted these are just a few of them.....I plan to add to this as the memories come flooding back!

                                        What I am learning....

1. Hadley is most likely to help me clean up (she is 1 and is awesome at it).
2. Carter doesn't like to have clothes on (I need to investigate this further)
3. Tanner is always up to something.
4. The Disney channel is like a pacifier for little kids.
5. The brothers are impressively good at driving their jeeps.  Tanner can even back a trailer!
6. To much milk before bed means I am washing sheets in the morning.
7. Always, always check the diaper for surprises before you blindly pull it off.
8.  The love the 3 kids have for each other is the sweetest thing.
9.  Carter is serious about everything.  Everything.
10. I investigated the clothing issue on Carter. They constrict him from his "stunts". The true desire is to be a pirate (we are good).
11. Lost Hadley for a brief moment, It was Tanner's fault.
12.  Made lunch at home, but Tanner and Carter asked me for 20 bucks to buy a Happy Meal at McDonald's. I need to investigate this a little more. (they obviously take after me here)
13. Hadley has the best booty dance ever.  She can drop it like it's hot now.
14. Had tea and white wine with the other Mommies. Love Good Morning America.
15. Really"Little Einsteins"? Turning a Rocket into a pogo stick to get over a mountain?  Aside from that we got to tour Italy and that was amazing!
I find it surprising no one offers to baby sit. I am at least 73.7% sure I will make it through the remainder of the week.

I did learn another valuable lesson. Don't experiment with Dinner. Go back to what works early and often. If it ain't broke, don't fix it

1. Repeating yourself multiple times is annoying but effective.
2. Negotiating skills for 3-5 year olds is an art and a science.
3. A bear hug is the cure for any form of whining.  

4. My husband is amazing. I see him in everything these kids do.
5. My kids are simply amazing. I haven't laughed this hard in a long time!

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