Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving weekend kicked off Wednesday with me dragging in all the Christmas decorations in hopes of decorating the entire house, only to decide that might really mess the house up for Thanksgiving dinner.  So, I only put up a few things! We hosted Thanksgiving dinner with everyone and it was awesome!  Everyone brought food which made it very easy and we had a blast!  It was so much fun to have a house full of family.  I loved every minute of it.  The weather was very mild too. The brothers even showed everyone how to properly fight over a toy.  I stress technique in this household-work smarter not harder! Thanksgiving also landed on our anniversary this year! It was fun to have family to celebrate that milestone with us, almost like our wedding all over again! Thanks to everyone for the cards, love and well wishes! It means so much that you all remember our special day.

The next day, also known as Black Friday, was kicked off by a trip to Lowe's to buy more Christmas lights because I did not feel like we had enough.  I want this place lit up! Dad and Sue came over for lunch and to hang out some more before they had to head back to SoCal.  Mom came over later that night so we could go to dinner and get in a bit of Christmas shopping.  We've got reservations at Barbacoa for next Saturday night to really celebrate our anniversary! I'm excited! 

Saturday came around. I was very excited for Saturday.  We had the Gaynor's, Aunt Kat, Brent and Bruce over for the BSU football game.  BSU, of course, stomped the other team.  It was an uneventful game, but the company we had at the house was second to none!  I wish The Gaynor's lived closer to us, they are awesome! I was really looking forward to 7:30 PM that evening as UCLA kicked off against USC.  Sadly, very very very sadly, the game was a disaster as USC shut out The Bruins 50-0. Ugh.

Sunday was next and as the last day with Tyler at home, we packed in as much fun as we could!  We had planned to go to church in the morning, but alas, no one woke up until about 9 AM so that took that off the table.  We decided to head to the mall to see Santa and walk around and eat lunch.  Pictures with Santa are always hilarious and classic, this year did not disappoint!  Carter ran right up to Santa to tell him he wants a Mater Truck, Tanner had his little list of things and Hadley screamed like she might be abducted by this crazy man in a red suit! All on film, now framed and on display in our family room!  From their we headed over to the Sterling's so Tyler and Justin could get their "DIY" on and blow out their sprinkler system by themselves.  Kind of a scary thought, but it worked out famously! Lisa and I are now on a mission to overhaul their family.  It's extreme makeover Compton/Sterling style. Stay tuned....! After that, we came home and napped and were going to attempt to meet Chris, Cam & Chandler at church for the advent service later that evening.  Once again, the plan was foiled-by me.  The brothers were playing so great upstairs, Hadley was still asleep and it was quiet.  I called Cam and said it might be better if they just come over here and we'll eat dinner.  They did and we filled our belly's full of flank steak, mashed potatoes and corn and it was wonderful!

Below are pictures, I know I have a lot more to post.  These are most likely in no particular order of the 4 days of Family, Friends, Food & Fun!

 Tanner, Hadley, Caden & Carter
 Pounding on the table!
 Eloise and Hadley
 Hadley and William with Great Grandma
 Eloise and Jill
 Caden and Carter
 Kristen and Tanner
 Great Grandma and Hadley
 Mimi and Hadley
 Kristen, Tanner, Ty, Carter, Casey, Eloise, Hadley, Caden and Lauren
 Nikki and William
 Great Grandma, Mimi and Hadley
 Me, Tyler, Aunt Karen, Uncle Bruce and Aunt Kat
 Great Grandma Compton with all 8 of her great grand kids! She was so tickled after the picture was taken, when I showed it to her, she got tears in her eyes and commented on how wild it is to have 8 great grand kids. 
 Our favorite neighbor girls, Kara, Kristen and Kendall with Hadley!
 Hadley and Lauren
 In line waiting for Santa!

 Hadley was excited for Santa, until she saw him and then quickly changed her mind!
 Chelsea and Hadley
 Kayla and Hadley
 Chelsea, the little mother hen, getting Hadley in the swing to push her!  Carter wanted in on the action too!
 Tanner and Makayla being goofy!

Tanner with the girls, so sweet.

 Dad, me and Chandler.

 Dad and Chandler
 Hadley, Chandler and Dad
 Dad and Sue with Chandler

 Dad and his grandsons

Hadley cannot get enough of Chandler.  She loves to give him hugs!
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