Thursday, November 10, 2011

Preschool Conferences

It might sound silly to have parent teacher conference for a preschooler.  But let me tell you, it is a lot of fun!  Preschool is fun.  I'm really not looking forward to leaving preschool-we absolutely love it here! Luckily, I've still got lots of years left!

I always ask the brothers what they did at preschool and they usually have lots of little projects to take home and show me, but I never really know what is going on until I get a chance to talk to their teachers.  Once Hadley is in preschool, I will be able to volunteer more in their classrooms!

We first met with Mrs. Dockweiler, that is Carter's teacher.  She let us know that Carter is doing fantastic!  He has lots of friends, loves to play with everyone, is kind, loving, smart as a whip and very excited to be at school!  She said he especially loves books and story time and even offers prayer requests during prayer time.  What a sweetheart! She wrote a very nice note on his progress report that says "Carter is doing great in preschool.  He's happy and energetic and gets along with everyone.  I'm enjoying getting to know him" We love Mrs. Dockweiler!

We then headed over to Tanner's classroom to meet with Mrs. Sale.  Since this is Tanner's 3rd and final year at preschool, she said he really knows the ropes and is doing wonderfully! She said she loves to see Tanner being so loving of Carter during recess.  Apparently they run to each other and hug and then go off and play together with the others.  How sweet.  Hearing that really warmed my heart.  Mrs. Sale wrote on Tanner's progress report "Tanner is one of the sweetest little guys ever.  He loves to play and laugh and giggle, but he also loves to take part in the daily activities  we do in class.  He really likes free time and sometimes has to be encouraged to do table work, but when he gets there, he LOVES it.  He is a total doll and I enjoy everyday I have with him. Hands down!" What a compliment! She's very confident he will be ready for Kindergarten next year, even though I am not ready! Jock and Julie have invited Tanner and I to go to Paramount to eat lunch one day with Kristen to get our feet wet for next year.  I'm excited for that!

I think it's nice to learn in preschool and I am glad that my kids are learning. Letters and numbers and shapes and colors are all great.  But my main concern with our kids is that they grow up to be nice people, have lots of friends and are able to get along in this world.  It's a crazy place out there and I really believe that their social skills are very important.  It makes me so happy to be at a preschool where they encourage loving behavior.  Oh how I wish this little school could carry them through elementary school too!

Now we are getting ready for the annual preschool fundraiser in February.....I'm recruiting volunteers to help me!

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