Thursday, November 17, 2011

New Baby!

This morning Chandler Thomas Saunders was born to my beautiful sister and awesome brother in law! He is the sweetest thing I have ever seen! I feel so lucky to have been able to be there in the waiting room and hold him so soon! Cammie was an absolute rock star! She had a C-Section and looked just fantastic right after! The whole birth lasted a whopping 23 minutes from starting pain free cut to final stitch! Now that is what I call an excellent time!

Chandler, just born! Saunders Version 1.0.
He weighed in at 7lbs and 10oz and is 21 inches long

 Chandler with his Great Grandma and Mimi. Such a little bundle of love!

So cute!

Mommy with her little baby! So fun, so surreal!

We had to totally unwrap him to examine his little feet and hands! He has the cutest legs too! He is just a bundle of cuteness all around! I did not want to stop holding him!

Look at that sweet little face! He is precious!

And then there was 3.  Introducing the Saunders family! Let the games begin!

His tiny little hands folded like he is praying! We sure prayed for you little guy!

The Saunders Family! Cammie you are going to be the best mom ever and Chris you will be the best dad! You both are so amazing with your nephews and niece, I can only imagine how great you will be with your own! I love you all so much!

Look at those little hands and fingers folded so sweetly!

Hadley wanted to see the "bebe" sooooo bad! I could just see in her eyes that she really would have liked to have picked him up and walked out with him.....Now her Cabbage Patch baby isn't as great as she once thought it was!

Oh "bebe"! Hadley has been talking about you all afternoon! The older boys CANNOT wait to meet you as well!  Tanner has packed up a bag of toys for you to "borrow" from him and Carter has a few shirts for you that he doesn't like to wear anymore.  Their words, not mine. What can I say? They do love you so much, I promise! We can't wait to grow up with you!
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