Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Last night we went trick-or-treating! It was freezing great fun!

 Hadley putting on her poodle costume for the first time! She thought she was pretty hot stuff!

 Hadley with William and Nikki

 William as a Scarecrow

 William, Hadley & Tanner getting ready to brave the cold and go trick-or-treating!  Carter did not feel up to wearing a costume, nor did he want to have his picture taken.  But, he did go trick-or-treating and he took it very serious and got lots and lots of candy!

 Hadley and Kristen!

 We met up with a few of our neighbors and hit the streets!  They lasted a lot longer than us!

 Tanner, Kristen & Brennan!

 Williams first attempt at trick-or-treating at the Bethke's house!  It didn't go over so well, but he got into it towards the end! 

 Cam with the brothers at a "creeky" house!

 Carter, Daddy and Hadley.  Carter opted to wear his comfy pants and his T-Rex shirt.  At least I can maybe say he was a T-Rex this year?  Better than last year when he went in jeans and a Mammoth Mountain sweatshirt! (Maybe I could just say he was a skier last year)!

 Nikki and William.  I think we might scare William a little bit-he'll get used to us sooner or later!

 Trick-or-Treating in action!

 The brothers on a total candy high!

 The kids checking out all the loot!

 Say Candy! There's a little smile from William too!  I think he likes us!
 Tanner and his treats!


 The Compton kids!

 Trying to get a shot of the 4 kids, the brothers are cool with it-completely comatose with their candy; Hadley wants outta there and William was less than thrilled about the whole idea!

Happy Halloween!
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