Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Day Of Play With Friends!

We had a fun day of play today! The kids, from left to right, Chelsea, Makayla, Chloe, Carter, Tanner, and Addy, came over to play today. Tanner used to play with these kids everyday when I went to work and since I am "retired" he misses playing with his friends and I also miss their mommies! So, we all got together for lunch and fun! It will be great to hang out all together more this summer for our weekly play dates! It's also fun for me to get to be around cute little girls with hair bows and dresses because I am not used to that!

Today also turned out to be a very special day for Tanner as well! He went potty in the potty for the very first time! Yay Tanner! We have Addy to thank for that! Tanner had just watched Addy go potty on the potty. The kids were upstairs playing and us mommies were downstairs visiting and we heard Chloe yell down at us that Tanner had to go potty. Really? My Tanner? He doesn't go potty in the potty, he always tells me that someday he will go potty and so I wait. Lisa and Alicia have always told me not to push the potty training, it will happen only when they are ready. Tanner was not ready as of yesterday or even this morning. So I thought to myself, whatever, he won't do it but I will at least try! If he wants to sit on the potty, let's sit on the potty! I went upstairs and sure enough, he was already on the potty, Chloe had the water turned on in the sink to "help" him and the others were just kind of roaming around watching the excitement. It was pretty hilarious. Just as I sat down next to Tanner, he started going potty! It was so great! We were all very excited! Hooray for Tanner! He has since then gone 3 more times in the potty! We are off to Target to get him a special treat for this and to encourage more potty in the potty!

Chelsea, Makayla, Chloe, Addy, and Tanner trying to get a group shot! We have never gotten a picture with everyone looking and smiling! Kids are so honest and it really shows up in the pictures, especially when they are not in the mood to have their pictures taken! I love them!

Carter chose to stay on the grass and not join the girls in the bounce house!

An action shot of Chelsea and Addy jumping in the bounce house!


Chelsea and Chloe

Addy, Chloe, and Tanner swinging! Chelsea, in the background, must have been the designated swing pusher!

Chloe and Tanner
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