Wednesday, June 3, 2009

To Turkey With Love......

My cousin Billy's wife Lindsay's cousin Aubrey (wow, that's a mouthful!) started making quilts, baby bibs, burp clothes, etc., to raise and send the money to her sister and husband who are currently living in Turkey as missionaries. As you may or may not know, Turkey is a very oppressed country, and their ministry for Christ has to be done "underground" so they aren't caught. If Aubrey or any other family members send them Christian books or new worship cd's, they have to make sure a secular book/cd cover is on the item, or they could be harmed if they are found. Also, when they write letters back and forth, they had to develop a code system about everything Christ related (aren't we so blessed to live in a FREE country!!). They are really enjoying themselves, though her sister and husband are still getting used to not having a hot water heater for warm showers, washer/dryer for laundry, or a garbage disposal...just to name a few of the basic necessities. If there is anything you might be interested in or if there is a certain "theme" you would like her to do just let her know! Most importantly, please remember to keep her sister and husband in your prayers, as they are living in a culture where Christianity is not popular. Aubrey is just starting a website for the items she is selling to send money over to Turkey for her sister. Here is the website : So far she only has a few things up, so if there are some items from the photo album you like better, just let her know.Her email is: She said flexibility on prices are not a big deal, as she knows times are tough right now. Also, if you have certain color patterns you like, just let her know so she can find fabric. If you choose to buy anything, just shoot an email to her and she'll start making whatever you want.
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