Friday, June 19, 2009

Photography-A new favorite hobby!

I feel like a hunter. I scope out good picture taking spots wherever we go now! I love to take pictures of the boys. It is my new favorite past time! I need to take a class to learn to use PhotoShop. It is a very involved program and doesn't seem to be something that I am just picking up on, I know it can do so much more than I know how to do right now! I spend hours playing around with pictures only to usually leave them just how they were or slightly different! I love the burning edges look and the soft focus look.
My friends and I love to go and take turns taking pictures of each others families! It is too much fun! Today we went to one of my super secret photo places to take pictures of the mommies and the kids for the daddies for Father's Day! They all turned out great and we can't wait to surprise the dads with them!

Tanner, Carter, and Mommy

Tanner thought it might be funny to try to jump into the pond, I didn't really think that was a great idea!

I wonder what Carter was looking at?

Please come and sit with your brother and I!


Carter! It's hard to believe he will be 1 years old tomorrow! This year seemed to fly by! I was just thinking this morning in the shower, that he was born on a Friday and it was when I was in the shower getting ready for work that I began to go into labor with him. It was hard to drop Tanner off at Pam's that morning because I knew it would be overnight before I got to see him again, which it was. It was also harder to bypass labor and delivery and go up the stairs to the NICU to work (Like I could get any work done at all!). Luckily, I only lasted a few hours before it was obvious I had to walk downstairs to L&D and welcome little Carter into the world! Time flies, don't blink!

Mommy and the two boys! Since I have been home with them, it has been so wonderful. Tanner will come up to me spontaneously throughout the day and give me hugs and kisses and tell me he loves me. It makes my heart melt.

Tanner and Carter love each other too which is wonderful!

Lip kisses!

Tanner loves to play ball!

Tanner! Tanner is coming up on 3 years. He will be 3 on July 1. He is growing up to be such a great kid! I love him! The potty training is working out just fabulously too! I could not be any more proud of him! He's doing a great job!

I love this picture! He might have a slight plumbers crack here, but he has his big boy undies on and did not have any accidents and that is all that matters!

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