Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer at the Library

The summer programs at the Meridian Library are awesome and we are having so much fun with the story times, puppet shows, and today the Yo-Yo Man! Evidently, Meridian has a Yo-Yo club that meets at Settlers Park every Thursday from 7-8 pm. We think maybe next week we will go and check them out, but today Jared from the Yo-Yo club came to the Library to do a Yo-Yo demonstration. We had a great time, Tanner could hardly contain himself from running up to "help" Jared a few times! We checked out two books about little boys going potty on the potty, and a Tom Thumb video and went home! We can't wait for next Tuesday morning for story time!

Jared did all sorts of cool Yo-Yo tricks! He is really talented! He even did a little skit called "Contact Juggling" which I did not get a video of, but was the neatest thing I have seen in a while! It had nothing to do with Yo-Yo, it was one ball and it was so cool! He said he would be doing it at Settlers Park next week!

After the demonstration, Jared let the kids come up and try the Yo-Yo's ! What fun!

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