Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Richie Brockel

Auntie Cammie teaches at Lake Hazel Middle School. Today was their 8th grade celebration for all the 8th graders because tomorrow is the last day of school. They have a big awards ceremony and lots of fun and games! Auntie Cammie had a class with Richie Brockel at Boise State and had asked him to speak at the celebration assembly because he is going to be Team Captain of the Bronco's Football Team next year! I took the boys so we could meet him and we had a great time! We'll really enjoy watching the games this fall!

Tanner, Richie, and Carter in Auntie Cammie's classroom!
Tanner climbed to the very top of the bleachers, of course!

Richie with Auntie Cammie in her classroom!

Tanner made himself right at home in Auntie Cammie's classroom!

Tanner and Auntie Cammie. There was so much to look at and so much to do Tanner could not contain himself! School is super fun-kids, yellow bus's, books, oh my!

Tanner playing in Auntie Cammie's classroom!

The awards ceremony went a little bit longer than Tanner could handle so he and Richie came out into the hall to play a little catch with the football! Here is some video of Tanner teaching Richie a thing or two! Go Broncos!

He actually catches the ball in this one! Yay Tanner!

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