Friday, October 23, 2009

Festive Fall Recipe!

Apple But­ter in a Crock Pot

I love my crock pot! It makes the most delicious food and is so easy and so much a part of the fall and winter seasons! Tyler loves Apple Butter but the problem with this is, he only seems to love Apple Butter from Trader Joe's. I don't have easy access to Trader Joe's anymore, and I have yet to find any in the stores around here that he likes or says taste even a little bit close to TJ's! Trader Joes makes the only Apple Butter he likes. I am about to change all that! I will make him Apple Butter that will knock his socks off and hopefully push Trader Joe's apple Butter to the side! I have my work cut out for me, hopefully he will enjoy this homemade Apple Butter recipe!

12 Apples cored, peeled, & diced
2/3 cup of Apple Cider Vine­gar
1 1/2 Tea­spoons of Cin­na­mon
1/2 Tea­spoon of All Spice
1/2 Tea­spoon of Nut­meg
1/2 Tea­spoon of Ground Cloves
1/2 Tea­spoon Pure Vanilla
Pinch of Salt
Up to 3 Cups of Sugar. You can determine just how much you want to add by deciding how sweet you want it.
Cook on low in crock­put for 8–10 hours with lid on
Cook for 5–6 hours with­out lid on (keep on low) Then jar!
You’ll know the Apple But­ter is done because when you pick it up on a spoon it will stay nice & mounded.
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